In the past ninety days Miami Beach Condo and home sales have seen closing prices for luxury waterfront properties reach levels not seen since the market highs of 2006. The island residential communities in Miami Beach (specifically in the South of Fifth neighborhood) and the luxury homes communities on the Venetian Islands and Star Island have seen incredible sales momentum for "turnkey" luxury waterfront properties.

The most prominent Miami Beach condo sales took place at The Continuum Condos in Miami Beach, where two spectacular Oceanfront combined condos with over 6,400 SQ. FT. of living space sold for an incredible $10,576,000 (this works out to over $1,643/S.F.) Also noteworthy, at the nearby Apogee in South Beach'sSouth of Fifth Neighborhood is a Penthouse sale for an incredible $11,500,000 (also over $1,678/SF) ! ! !

The most noteworthy Miami Beach home sales are the large Estates located at 4855 Pinetree Drive and the incredible home located at 27 Star Island Drive in Miami Beach's ultra-luxury Star Island Community. It should be noted that this Star Island home sold for $10,750,000, and is located just a few doors down from Gloria Estefan's and Rosie O'Donnell's magnificent Star Island residences.

The last 90 Days of Miami Beach Condo and Waterfront Home Sales:

Miami Beach Luxury Homes and Condo Sales as of 05/26/2011
Closing DateADDRESSSubdivision Name Living Area Sales Price
3/23/2011520 WEST AV # 1102THE BENTLEY BAY CONDO1,499$500,000
5/10/2011100 S Pointe Drive #3603/4Continuum South Beach6,438$10,576,000
4/26/20111000 S POINTE DR # 1705Murano at Portofino1,407$1,250,000
4/19/2011400 ALTON RD # 703Murano Grande3,058$1,620,000
3/4/20111000 S POINTE DR # 3702MURANO AT PORTOFINO2,618$2,200,000
3/24/20111000 S POINTE DR # 1206MURANO AT PORTOFINO1,006$650,000
5/9/2011101 20 ST # 2104The Setai1,162$980,000
5/16/201150 S POINTE DR # 2002CONTINUUM ON SOUTH BEACH1,977$2,350,000
4/12/20111500 OCEAN DR # 10071500 Ocean Drive1,170$800,000
4/5/2011400 ALTON RD # 910MURANO GRANDE1,548$880,000
3/28/2011226 OCEAN DR # 3BOcean Place East1,362$642,000
4/27/20111500 OCEAN DR # 10011500 OCEAN DRIVE2,320$2,745,000
4/18/2011800 S POINTE DR # PHAAPOGEE6,853$11,500,000
5/20/201190 ALTON RD # 1010The Yacht Club1,080$660,000
5/10/2011100 S POINTE DR # 3207Continuum South Beach2,954$4,000,000
3/1/2011100 S POINTE DR # 1005Continuum South Tower1,869$1,650,000
3/7/2011450 ALTON RD # 1205Icon South Beach1,750$855,000
3/8/2011100 LINCOLN RD # 448THE DECOPLAGE1,190$619,000
5/5/201110 VENETIAN WY # 1704GRAND VENETIAN CONDO2,345$1,150,000
3/14/20112201 Collins Ave # 828W South Beach Residences1,906$3,300,000
4/28/20111000 S POINTE DR # 3502Murano at Portofino2,618$2,200,000
4/11/201190 ALTON RD # FL-5YACHT CLUB AT PORTOFINO1,070$562,500
4/15/20111455 OCEAN DR # 1407IL VILLAGGIO1,810$2,050,000
3/14/20111577 BAY RD # 201SoBE Bay1,345$585,000
5/19/2011400 ALTON RD # 1602MURANO GRANDE1,874$825,000
4/29/2011300 S POINTE DR # 2506PORTOFINO TOWERS2,040$1,100,000
4/15/20111470 16 ST # C301CAPRI SOUTH BEACH1,974$1,925,000
3/2/20111100 WEST AV # TS-1Mondrian South Beach1,500$1,395,000
5/16/201150 S POINTE DR # 1704Continuum On South Beach1,491$1,300,000
3/18/2011450 ALTON RD # 3001ICON South Beach2,145$1,800,000
5/9/2011101 20 ST # 3206SETAI1,316$1,930,000
4/1/20111 CENTURY LN # 301The Vistas Condo2,140$875,000
3/8/2011101 20 ST # 1701The Setai3,691$3,950,000
3/1/20111000 VENETIAN WY # 1501One Thousand Venetian Way1,830$745,000
3/9/2011125 JEFFERSON AV # 143THE COURTS AT SOUTH BEACH2,425$1,200,000
4/4/2011400 ALTON RD # 2208Murano Grande1,600$1,200,000
5/18/2011300 S POINTE DR # 403PORTOFINO2,340$1,188,000
5/3/201150 S POINTE DR # 801Continuum North Tower5,300$6,500,000
3/28/20111330 WEST AV # 2502waverly1,262$585,000
3/30/2011450 ALTON RD # 1502ICON South Beach1,933$1,105,000
3/24/2011225 COLLINS AV # 7IOCEAN PLACE1,091$600,000
4/14/20111800 SUNSET HARBOUR DR # 1202/4Sunset Harbour South2,246$1,125,000
3/23/2011300 S POINTE DR # 3703PORTOFINO TOWERS2,550$1,600,000
3/11/2011400 ALTON RD # 1904Murano Grande1,425$1,025,000
4/12/201190 ALTON RD # 2003Yacht Club at Portofino1,080$582,500
5/24/2011300 S POINTE DR # 802PORTOFINO TOWER1,090$655,000
5/11/20111000 VENETIAN WY # 1202One Thousand Venetian2,010$950,000
5/2/2011400 ALTON RD # 1902Murano Grande1,874$925,000
4/29/2011400 ALTON RD # 906Murano Grande2,024$1,250,000
5/19/20119 ISLAND AV # T5NINE ISLAND AVENUE CONDO2,109$720,000
5/6/2011450 ALTON RD # 1503/4ICON Condo3,694$2,550,000
5/18/2011400 S POINTE DR # 1705SOUTH POINTE TOWER1,042$680,000
5/10/2011100 S POINTE DR # 3604-3Continuum South Tower6,438$10,576,000
5/17/201150 S POINTE DR # 2201CONTINUUM NORTH TOWER3,017$4,050,000
5/25/20114775 COLLINS AV # 2101GREEN DIAMOND CONDO2,010$1,240,000
4/27/20111455 OCEAN DR # BH-06IL VILLAGGIO3,550$3,025,000
3/7/20111000 S POINTE DR # 408Murano At Portofino1,791$830,000
3/2/2011100 LINCOLN RD # 545/47Decoplage1,720$725,000
4/20/20111445 16 # LP-1CAPRI SOUTH BEACH2,970$2,500,000
4/25/2011100 S POINTE DR # TH-15The Continuum2,072$1,425,000
5/17/2011400 S POINTE DR # 1910SOUTH POINTE TOWER1,559$926,000
4/29/2011300 S POINTE DR # 1802PORTOFINO TOWERS2,040$1,480,000
2/28/2011400 ALTON RD # 2404MURANO GRANDE2,974$1,950,000
4/8/2011100 S POINTE DR # 3204Continuum2,508$3,270,000
4/12/20111800 SUNSET HARBOUR DR # 2202/4Sunset Harbour South2,246$1,100,000
3/23/2011800 S POINTE DR # 1402Apogee3,103$4,995,000
3/5/20111000 S POINTE DR # 3102MURANO AT PORTOFINO2,618$2,250,000
5/3/2011400 ALTON RD # 1410Murano Grande1,548$950,000
4/14/2011400 ALTON RD # 2306Murano Grande2,024$1,485,000
3/10/2011300 S POINTE DR # 1605PORTOFINO2,340$1,400,000
4/12/201150 S POINTE DR # 3003CONTINUUM NORTH TOWER2,306$2,700,000
4/19/2011100 S POINTE DR # 2401CONTINUUM ON SOUTH BEACH1,591$1,350,000
4/28/2011100 S POINTE DR # 1603CONTINUUM ON SOUTH BEACH1,365$1,100,000
5/23/2011450 ALTON RD # 1701ICON South Beach2,145$1,650,000
3/9/20111455 OCEAN DR # 1406Il Villaggio Condominium1,780$1,900,000
5/11/20111455 OCEAN DR # 1103IL VILLAGGIO1,550$1,460,000
4/30/2011100 S POINTE DR # 1104continuum on south beach2,292$2,850,000
3/28/2011400 ALTON RD # 1704Murano Grande1,425$1,050,000
3/7/2011300 S POINTE DR # 1101PORTOFINO TOWERS2,340$1,625,000
5/9/20111000 S POINTE DR # 2502MURANO AT PORTOFINO2,618$2,400,000
4/29/2011650 WEST AV # 2807THE FLORIDIAN1,327$619,000
4/3/2011101 20 ST # 2308The Setai Condominium2,558$4,600,000
3/2/20111445 16 # LPH-3CAPRI SOUTH BEACH1,919$1,392,000
3/16/20111445 16 ST # BL-302CAPRI SOUTH BEACH1,842$1,680,000
5/12/2011125 JEFFERSON AV # 146THE COURTS AT SOUTH BEACH1,485$719,000
2/25/20111000 S POINTE DR # 3002Murano at Portofino2,618$1,880,000
5/16/2011450 ALTON RD # 1703ICON South Beach2,158$1,655,000
4/18/20111000 VENETIAN WY # 1102One Thousand Venetian2,010$870,000
5/11/2011101 20 ST # 2506The Setai1,316$1,540,000
3/18/20111500 OCEAN DR # 4051500 OCEAN DRIVE1,530$1,040,000
3/23/2011450 ALTON RD # 3502ICON Condo1,933$1,470,000
4/19/20112301 COLLINS AV # 1107Roney Palace1,230$550,000
3/17/20111500 OCEAN DR # PH-81500 Ocean Drive1,170$975,000
3/29/2011450 ALTON RD # 2306ICON South Beach1,452$750,000
3/31/20111000 VENETIAN WY # 1903ONE THOUSAND VENETIAN WAY2,010$640,000
4/4/2011400 ALTON RD # 3203MURANO GRANDE3,058$2,021,000
3/21/20114855 PINETREE DRMiami Beach Home10,383$6,536,289
5/13/20111337 N VENETIAN WYMiami Beach Home5,859$4,100,000
5/4/2011380 S HIBISCUS DRMiami Beach Home -$2,400,000
3/4/20111429 N VENETIAN WYMiami Beach Home13,569$5,500,000
5/20/20115300 LA GORCE DRMiami Beach Home3,687$1,350,000
3/18/20114564 N MICHIGAN AVMiami Beach Home3,365$737,500
4/25/2011122 E 2 CTMiami Beach Home2,774$1,311,232
5/11/2011204 W DILIDO DRMiami Beach Home3,447$3,025,000
4/3/20111365 DAYTONIA RDMiami Beach Home3,126$540,000
5/19/20116475 ALLISON RDMiami Beach Home4,992$2,450,000
3/21/20114315 MERIDIAN AVMiami Beach Home4,031$900,000
4/4/20115465 PINETREE DRMiami Beach Home7,764$4,750,000
5/20/2011111 S HIBISCUS DRMiami Beach Home3,685$1,350,000
5/2/20115380 N BAY RDMiami Beach Home6,432$5,740,000
5/4/201140 S HIBISCUS DRMiami Beach Home8,000$9,350,000
3/18/2011431 W RIVO ALTO DRMiami Beach Home2,960$735,000
5/11/20111200 BAY DRMiami Beach Home3,763$1,500,000
5/5/201127 STAR ISLAND DRMiami Beach Home15,000$10,750,000
3/16/20111340 STILLWATER DRMiami Beach Home2,161$1,230,000
2/28/20111201 N VENETIAN WYMiami Beach Home13,382$1,100,000
3/30/20111260 STILLWATER DRMiami Beach Home1,686$550,000
5/3/2011595 N SHORE DRMiami Beach Home3,007$1,400,000
3/18/20115147 N BAY RDMiami Beach Home3,252$1,070,000
3/14/20114328 ALTON RDMiami Beach Home2,531$580,000
5/3/20111301 STILLWATER DRMiami Beach Home2,607$700,000
4/1/20111480 STILLWATER DRMiami Beach Home2,219$836,000
3/27/2011441 E DILIDO DRMiami Beach Home2,931$1,500,000
3/21/20119 FARREY LNMiami Beach Home1,575$1,595,000
4/6/2011620 W DILIDO DRMiami Beach Home3,499$2,650,000
4/29/20112525 FLAMINGO DRMiami Beach Home3,476$2,210,000
5/4/20111509 NE 12 PLMiami Beach Home1,221$480,000
4/27/20115150 N BAY RDMiami Beach Home6,360$4,568,520
3/8/20113001 PINETREE DRMiami Beach Home4,534$1,750,000
3/23/2011324 E RIVO ALTO DRMiami Beach Home2,612$950,000
5/19/2011265 S COCONUT LNMiami Beach Home2,626$575,000
4/18/2011430 W SAN MARINO DRMiami Beach Home3,434$1,900,000
4/8/2011426 W SAN MARINO DRMiami Beach Home2,878$2,275,000
4/7/2011309 E SAN MARINO DRMiami Beach Home3,370$3,162,000
4/5/20116085 ALTON RDMiami Beach Home6,920$1,270,000
4/22/2011260 W 35 STMiami Beach Home3,620$1,550,000
3/23/20115236 PINETREE DRMiami Beach Home3,202$975,000
3/16/20111233 N VENETIAN WYMiami Beach Home3,864$2,350,000
3/24/20115238 ALTON RDMiami Beach Home5,675$1,140,000
3/24/20114228 ALTON RDMiami Beach Home2,427$850,000
3/3/20113767 ROYAL PALM AVMiami Beach Home2,759$745,000
3/9/20115901 LA GORCE DRMiami Beach Home3,137$975,000
3/24/20111815 MICHIGAN AVMiami Beach Home2,747$536,000
4/23/20114469 POST AVMiami Beach Home2,100$610,000
3/21/201148 E RIVO ALTO DRMiami Beach Home3,020$1,590,000
3/2/2011114 3RD DILIDO TEMiami Beach Home2,523$1,400,000
5/2/20115640 PINETREE DRMiami Beach Home4,160$1,360,000
4/11/20114312 ROYAL PALM AVMiami Beach Home2,330$900,000
3/17/20114541 ROYAL PALM AVMiami Beach Home1,899$485,000
5/24/20114461 POST AVMiami Beach Home2,288$690,000
3/29/20115979 ALTON RDMiami Beach Home2,674$675,000

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Miami Beach South of Fifth Condos

Late Spring and Summer Events in Miami & Miami Beach

As the summer months and "low season" is upon us, there's much to do in Miami and Miami Beach. Even as the slower-paced time of year is here, there's so much to do and see in and around Miami Beach for year-round residents and homeowners.

Dining & Nightlife

Cozy Bar is a must for the nearby condo residents. This is where the owners and residents of The Continuum on South Beach, The Portofino Tower, Apogee, The Murano at Portofino, and the other local South of Fifth residents gather to hear live music, Wednesday - Sunday, beginning around 9:30pm. You can go to to see their line up or stop by my desk for the calendar.

Joe's Stone Crab has officially begun it's summer hours: From now until July 31, 2011, they will be closed for lunch. Dinner hours are as follows: Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday: 6pm -10pm, Friday & Saturday: 6pm - 11pm, Closed: Mondays & Tuesdays. A Miami Beach South of Fifth Neighborhood classic is now available year-round!

Pied a Terre (1701 James Ave., 2nd floor of the Cadet Hotel) gets mentioned in the Miami Herald. Seems like it's a hidden jewel worth sampling:

Thali Indian & Thai (754 Washington Avenue) gets a nice write up by Lee Klein in the Miami New Times:

Lou Lou Le Petit Bistro comes to Brickell. See what the Miami Herald has to say:

Haven has just opened at 1237 Lincoln Road (next to Alta Mare). A "gastro-lounge" focusing on small bites with many local and organic offerings, Haven infuses a bit of nightlife into your dining experience.

The Brooklyn Water Bagel Company just opened on 1115 5th Street (ground floor at The newly completed Fifth and Alton Shopping Center). Owned and conceived by CNN's Larry King, the best Bagels from New York City and the water is supposedly brought in from New Jersey!

Other Greater Miami Highlights

Don't forget: MAY IS MUSEUM MONTH! Museum-hopping a bargain in May. Culture shouldn't break the bank this month. May is Miami Museum Month, with a record 17 participants offering buy-one-get-one-free admission.Anyone who is already a member of any of the museums -- or joins during May -- can go to any other museum for free throughout the month. Participating museums include Bass Museum of Art in Miami Beach (off of Collins and 23rd), the Haitian Heritage Museum, HistoryMiami, Miami Art Museum, Miami Science Museum and the Wolfsonian - FIU. The Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau started the initiative in 2009. Four new museums joined this year: Ancient Spanish Monastery, Coral Gables Merrick House, Coral Gables Museum and Wings Over Miami Air Museum. A full list and more information can be found online at

Sleepless Night (the all-night arts extravaganza) returns to Miami Beach this year on November 5:

Cirque du Soleil's Eloizecomes to the Arsht Center July 26th - August 7, Tickets start at $25.00.

Elle Magazine to open Elle Spa at the Eden Roc Hotel in June:

Hair comes to the Adrienne Arsht Center from May 31 - June 5. Tickets can be found here:

Performances & Concerts

Taylor Swift: June 2 @ 7pm BankAtlantic Center Sunrise

Katy Perry: June 11 @ 7:30pm BankAtlantic Center Sunrise

Martin Lawrence: June 25 @ Adrienne Arsht Center

Rihanna: Bank Atlantic Center July 14 @ 7:30 pm.

Sade: Friday, July 15, 2011Bank Atlantic Center

Ke$ha: August 7, 20110 @ 7:30pm BayFront Park Amphitheater

Marc Anthony: September 16 @ 8pm American Airlines Arena

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The Continuum on South Beach South Tower condo building was completed in 2001. This is THE premier location Condominium Building in all of Miami Beach, especially in the much coveted and fashionable South of Fifth Neighborhood. What many of today's potential buyers may not know is that the Developer of The Continuum, Mr. Bruce Eichner, had a few construction issues related to some of the finish work that was performed by various sub-contractors at the time of original construction i 2001.None of these were considered structural or major, but have been a minor nuisance to condo owners and residents over the past few years. The most serious problems have dealt with water leaks (long since resolved) and some of the sliding glass doors not opening and closing correctly.

After a long and protracted process between The Continuum South Tower Board of Directors and The Developer, the Continuum South Tower Condo Association has finally resolved all remaining original construction issues. Also, as part of this resolution, the South Tower Condominium Association has now undertaken a much needed facelift to the Continuum South lobby and common areas. The new Continuum South Tower lobby will be one of the most beautiful and luxurious contemporary condo buildings in all of South Beach.

Below are a few pictures and renderings of this spectacular and well designed renovation, which is being overseen by Pepe Calderin Design. This is an architecture and interior design firm with over 20 years of experience, and is known as one of the best design firms for Miami Beach Real Estate. All of these renovations and improvements will keep the Continuum South Tower as the premier condo building in Miami Beach's ultra luxury condo market.

Continuum Miami Beach Condo South Tower Lobby

Continuum Condos Miami Beach South Lobby

South of Fifth Miami Beach Condominium

180 Day Miami Beach Continuum South Tower Condo Sales :

Continuum South Beach Six Month Sales
Sale DateContinuum South Beach South TowerAsking PriceLiving AreaSales Price
9/22/2010100 S POINTE DR # 1804 $ 8,395,0004,161 $6,750,000
10/11/2010100 S POINTE DR # 2805 $ 3,800,0002,847 $3,150,000
10/14/2010100 S POINTE DR # 2006 $ 3,850,0002,508 $2,900,000
10/14/2010100 S POINTE DR # 2007 $ 1,995,0001,870 $1,400,000
11/15/2010100 S POINTE DR # 1801 $ 1,595,0001,591 $1,300,000
11/1/2010100 S POINTE DR # 1003 $ 929,0001,365 $ 865,000
12/28/2010100 S POINTE DR # 2709 $ 2,395,0002,122 $ 1,900,000
2/7/2011100 S POINTE DR # 1110 $ 2,050,0002,122 $ 1,900,000
9/24/2010100 S POINTE DR # TH-15 $ 1,425,000 2,072 Pending Sale
3/1/2011100 S POINTE DR # 1005 $ 1,795,0001,869 $1,650,000
1/16/2011100 S POINTE DR # 1007 $ 2,250,0001,870 $1,999,000
11/17/2010100 S POINTE DR # 2010 $ 1,550,0002,122 $1,450,000
2/24/2011100 S POINTE DR # 3204 $ 3,750,000 2,508 Pending Sale
1/6/2011100 S POINTE DR # 1601 $ 1,300,0001,591 $1,280,000
12/18/2010100 S POINTE DR # 809 $ 1,600,0001,595 $ 1,500,000
1/4/2011100 S POINTE DR # 1002 $ 975,0001,201 $ 930,000
2/22/2011100 S POINTE DR # 2901 $ 1,595,0001,591 $ 1,550,000
2/2/2011100 S POINTE DR # 1705 $ 1,575,0001,869 $ 1,500,000

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There are so MANY reasons why people want to live in Miami Beach: The weather, the lifestyle, the Art Deco architectural diversity and beauty, the many new ultra luxury waterfront homes and condos, and the pure "fun" factor are just a few of the top reasons that come to mind.

Also, Miami Beach, and most especially South Beach's South of Fifth neighborhood, has become one of the most sought-after places to live in the world. Recognizing this, the city of Miami Beach planned a multi-million dollar renovation of South Pointe Park, which was completed in 2009. This extensive renovation included a completely new landscape with a variety of vegetation, Palm Trees, walkways, a multicolored nighttime light display along Government Cut, underground water fountains, the creation of elevated sand dunes, party facilities, and even a children's playground! Additionally, a new Pier was constructed where you can walk out several hundred feet to truly experience the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean.South Pointe Park is surrounded by the several ultra-luxury condominium buildings - The Continuum South Beach, Apogee, The Portofino Tower, The South Pointe Tower, and The Murano at Portofino. These residents can often be spotted taking advantage of the Park's restored beauty and vibrant atmosphere.

Top Ten Things to do in South Miami Beach:

1. Jog or walk through the many trails and paths- especially at night to see the multicolored light show along the Intracoastal Waterway.

2. Bring a Yoga Mat and attend one of the free morning and evening yoga classes sponsored by various local fitness centers ON THE BEACH!

3. Watch incredible Ocean and Intracoastal waterfront sunrises and sunsets.

4. SOCIALIZE with the many locals who bring their dogs to the many local parks for morning and evening walks. A little known fact is that many locals organize regular get-togethers for other dog owners.

5. Watch the amazing sight of cruise ships leaving the Port of Miami around 5pm Friday - Sunday (especially in High Season).

6. Take a day trip to the Beach, most beachfront parks have easy beach access paths.

7. Bring your kids, nieces, nephews, and any other young adult to play in the water fountains inside most South Beach parks.

8. Go to the many waterfront restaurtants with views of Fisher Island, the Ocean, and the downtown Miami skyline

9. Enjoy the incredible high fashion shopping experience in open air Pedestrian Malls such as Lincoln Road Mall, Bal Harbour Shops, and along Collins Avenue.

10. Celebrity watch! Recently, I spotted Gloria Estefan, Rosie O'Donnell and their families enjoying a spectacular year-round weather!

More information on specific South Beach neighborhood and Miami Beach lifestyle Top Ten can be found at the below linked previous blog posts:

Miami Beach's South Pointe Park
Why I Love South Pointe / The Continuum
Portofino Tower / South of Fifth Neighborhood Top Ten
South of Fifth Neighborhood / Icon South Beach Top Ten

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Over the past week, I had the opportunity to take out two ready, willing, & highly qualified (cash contracts) Miami Beach condominium buyers to see The Continuum on South Beach, The Murano at Portofino, Icon South Beach, and The Bentley Bay. It was a shocking experience, in more ways than one.The purchasing criteria:Price point of $1 Million - $1.5 Million for a waterfront two bedroom condominium with water views. There are well over one hundred (100 +) individual condominiums to choose from that easily meet this criteria on the market for sale.

The first impression that I was left with was the complete lack of professionalism (negligence is a better description) on the part of a large number of listing Agents and/or Brokers. Disconnected phones, incomplete and inaccurate information on Multiple Listing for the condos that are on the market, voicemessages saying that the agent is out of the country / unavailable and NOT to leave messages, no voicemail pickup at all in two cases, no response to multiple voicemessages and emails, and sometimes a response days later that a showing can be arranged perhaps once per week. Also, we experienced agents not showing up for appointments or having to pick up keys at an office located over 10 miles away! I was left wondering if the individual condominium owners realize how poorly they are being represented in a BUYERS market.

That being said, I was also impressed that only a very limited number of these waterfront condos are priced to sell. The vast majority of the 100+ initial condos that showed up in a property search, with the above mentioned criteria, are overpriced and nowhere near the market / appraised value. In each of the buildings- there are only a few condos that are truly worthwhile and that a buyer would give serious consideration to making a reasonable offer. I'd like to highlight a few of the deals that were the equivalent of finding a needle in a haystack:

Continuum South Beach - South Tower #2301
Asking Price: $1,395,000
Comparable Sale #1901 : $1,160,000 (Short Sale)
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 3
Interior S.F.: 1,591 (Asking $876/SF)
Comparable Sold Date: March 10, 2010

Continuum North Tower - #1704
Asking Price: $1,395,000
Comparable Sale (#1204) : $1,250,000 (8/2009)
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 3
Interior S.F.: 1,491 (Asking $935/SF)
Comparable Sold Date: August, 2009

Bentley Bay Miami Beach - South Tower #1201 (Short Sale)
Asking Price: $870,000
Comparable Sale #1801 : $755,000 (Foreclosure Sale)
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 4
Interior S.F.: 1,994 (Asking $436/SF)
Comparable Sold Date: December, 2009

Icon South Beach - Condominium Unit #1106
Asking Price: $695,000
Comparable Sale #1706 : $725,000
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Interior S.F.: 1,452 (Asking $478/SF)
Comparable Sold Date: March 19, 2010

Global Sales Data Source: Southeast Florida Regional MLS

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I'd like to share with our readers my informal "Top 10" list of local Miami Beach restaurants. These are the ones I recommend to friends and clients who visit our South Beach paradise, and are all located within walking distance of all of the luxury condos that we specialize in selling (Murano at Portofino, Portofino Tower, Continuum South Beach, Apogee, Icon South Beach, Murano Grande, The Il Vilaggio, and The Bentley Bay.

Smith & Wollensky Steakhouse - Yes, it's an expensive chain steakhouse, but what really makes this place standout is the impeccable service, and the incredible location in the middle of South Point Park facing government cut. Request an outside table, with amazing views of the cruise ships, Fisher Island and the downtown Miami skyline.
Address: 1st street and Washington Avenue

DaLeo Trattoria on Lincoln Road- Affordable local favorite with homemade Italian dishes ranging from classic pastas to gnocchi and speciality chicken dishes. Extremely attentive and friendly staff, located just off the busy Lincoln Road and Meridian Ave. cross streets. THE place to people watch on the pedestrian Lincoln Road Mall.
Address: 819 Lincoln Road

Prime 112 Steakhouse- Another South of Fifth street local and tourist favorite. A bit pricey, but the service and food are outstanding. This is the "in" steakhouse to see and be seen.
Address: 112 Ocean Drive

Joe's Stone Crabs- Located next to South Pointe Park and the Nikki Beach club complex, this is probably one of the most famous stone crab restaurants in the country. A "must visit" for fans of stone crabbs and locally caught fresh seafood.
Address: 11th and Washington Avenue

Joe Allen's- Located on Purdy Avenue, across the street from The Sunset Harbour condominiums. This NYC transplant is an out of the way local favorite with great service and a diverse menu that features everything from salads to pastas and steaks. Reasonably priced and a great place to mix with local Miami Beach residents.
Address: 1787 Purdy Avenue

Burger and Beet Joint- Located right around the corner from Joe Allen's, the very best burgers with different meat choices (including Kobe beef) in Miami Beach with a friendly staff.
Adress: 1766 Bay Road

DeVito's South Beach- This is one celebrity-owned restaurant that beats expectations. Try the homemade meatballs and the Lemoncello martini, and to finish it all off the cotton candy dessert is not to be missed! Not cheap, but excellent & unique food, great ambiance, and conveniently located in Miami Beach's South of Fifth Street District.
Address: 150 Ocean Drive

Sylvano Italian Restaurant- This is another local favorite and not be missed. Reasonably priced (not a fancy ambiance & discreetly located on Alton Road and 9th Street) some of the best homemade pasta dishes in all of South Florida. Everything is homemade and the service/staff are friendly and aim to please.
Address: 820 Alton Road

Baires Grill- Recently relocated to Lincoln Road, featuring homemade empanadas (oven cooked, not fried), outstanding meats, and an extensive wine collection. The staff and service are friendly and relaxed and the prices reasonable. Located underneath the Regal Cinemas on the Western end of the pedestrian mall.
Address: 1116 Lincoln Road

Meat Market- A sexy and glamorous take on the traditional steakhouse, executive chef Sean Brasel creates truly unique dishes. Featuring contemporary and elegant decor, this restaurant provides one of the finest dining experiences in all of Miami Beach.
Address: 915 Lincoln Road

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