Located at the southernmost tip of South Beach, with over 12 acres directly on the Ocean, makes Continuum THE most coveted condominiums in all of Miami Beach. There's something very special about these 12 acres of oceanfront land, which is where Continuum North and South Towers are located. A little known fact is that this parcel of land once belonged to a local tribe of Indians, and legend has it that this land has a mystical quality. Whether this is true or not, as far as sheer beauty, desireability, lifestyle, amenities, and location, The Continuum is by far the most spectacular luxury condominium development in the South of Fifth Street neighborhood (and probably in the entire state of Florida).

Continuum South Beach Condos Sales Data

Recently, I've worked with several multi-million dollar buyers looking to purchase in The North Tower, which is the newest of the two, and has more modern features such as touchscreen "smart" panels and a few other amenities that were not available in 2001 when the South Tower was built. The Continuum North two bedroom floorplans, in my opinion, are also better laid out and more functional than comparable two bedroom floorplans in the Continuum South Tower. Another little known fact is that the subcontracting work from the developer was also more detail oriented and tended to be of better quality than the South Tower finish work. For these reasons, and the improvement in the financial markets lately, are why we are witnessing buyer demand and a strong upward price trend.

Below are the last ninety days of closed sales from The Continuum - North Tower. Note that these average at over $1,000/SF, and that prices are slowly creeping back up to the pre-financial crisis levels.

Continuum South Beach Condos Recent Sales