Miami Beach Art Basel

We have several clients that are actively involved (as curators and purchasers) at the upcoming Art Basel in and around Miami and Miami Beach. Those that appreciate the true value and beauty of contemporary Art and are most active with Art Basel in Miami Beach, happen to enjoy and own in the premier contemporary South of Fifth condo buildings in Miami Beach:The Murano at Portofino, The Continuum on South Beach, The Portofino Tower, and at Apogee South Beach.

Starting on December 1 and officially closing on December 5, Art Basel in one of the premier Cotemporary Art Expositions and Sales Fairs that take place in the world. Art Basel in Greater Miami and Miami Beach is another example of the excitement, celebrities and money that comes to our Island Paradise every Winter Season. Also, every year new venues pop up during Art Basel, setting the bar even higher for a standard of excellence. Many are predicting that the Soho Beach House, the private club that opened at 43rd Street and the ocean, will be the center of the universe at this Art Basel. Members of the club include artsy types, publicists, socialites, artists, designers and actors: for example Zac Efron in Hollywood, Jude Law in London, and Zac Posen in New York. Here in Miami, the designer Niki Di Stagni signed on months before the club opened, and you can be sure that superstar basketball players and recording stars will be members.

Miami Beach Art Basel

Below are highlights of the major events that will be happening in Miami Beach. For a complete and official guide to all Art Basel Events, click HERE :

1-Dec Art Basel-Vernissage Miami Beach Convention Center 6PM-9PM Cost : None
Invitation Only-The convention center is open Dec 2nd-5th to the public for a admission fee

1-Dec Creative Caribbean Network at the Bass 2121 Park Ave. 8PM-11PM Cost : None
Opening reception 10,000 waves by Isaac Julien

Dec 3-Dec 5 Pool Art Fair at the Carlton Hotel 1433 Collins Ave.3PM-10PM Cost: $10
Pool's Purpose is to create a meeting ground for outstanding artists, primarily those that don't have gallery representation.

Dec 1-Dec 5 Aqua 10 Aqua Hotel-1530 Collins Ave. 8PM-11PM VIP Preview
Organized by Seattle artists & dealers, 40 galleries

Dec 1-Dec 5 Ink Miami Art Fair Dorchester Hotel Cost: None
1850 Collins Ave. 10AM-7PM
Organized by Seattle artists & dealers, 40 galleries

Dec 1-Dec 5 Design Miami at Design Miami Venue Meridian & 19th Ave. 12PM-8PM Cost: $25
The foremost design collectors & enthusiasts interact. with a diverse selection of exhibitions featuring rare works by pioneering modernists & one-off limited-edition pieces

Dec 1-Dec 3 The Vogue Lounge at the Raleigh Hotel 1775 Collins Ave. 12PM-9PM Cost: None
A temporary shopping lounge for Art Basel w beats by South Florida female DJ duo Ess & Emm

2-Dec 7th Annual Masters Mystery Art Show The Ritz-Carlton 2PM-7PM Cost: None
1500 artworks 6"x9" for $50

Dec 2-Dec 5 Zoom Art Fair at South Seas Hotel 1751 Collins Ave. 12PM-8PM Cost: $15
In its inaugural year, ZOOM will present a selective group of regional & international galleries representing artists from the Middle East & Diaspora. An Art Basel Satellite Event.

Dec 3-Dec 5 Verge Art Fair at The Catalina Hotel 1732 Collins Ave. 12PM-8PM Cost: $10
Verge exists to establish boundaries of the extraordinary as a counter to the natural compulsion towards stagnation.

Dec 2-Dec 5 NADA Art Fair at Deauville Resort 6701 Collins Ave. 11PM-8PM Cost: None
Presented by a not-for-profit collective of professionals working w contemporary art to create an open flow of information.