Over the past year, we're seeing Miami Beach luxury condo buyers come from all across the globe. Close to 50 percent live in another country, and the balance are people who may live in the USA and have taken advantage of the price corrections of the past few years to purchase a second (or even third) waterfront luxury property in Miami Beach. Additionally, many foreign buyers purchase under an LLC corporation as a way of hiding assets from foreign tax authorities. They tend to have a local mailing address, which can belong to a registered agent or their accountant and/or attorney's local office address.

In spite of the recent ups and downs of the real estate industry in the United States, and Greater Miami in particular, it's still a safe investment environment by global standards. Among our top clients, there's always the mindset that if something is wrong anywhere else, the U.S. is a relative safe harbor to invest cash. For example, many Latin American real estate investors are looking for a safe haven from government expropriation of private bank accounts and real estate assets, such as what occurred in Argentina and Venezuela this past decade.

Greater Miami has become the destination place for many different cultures from Latin America- with the top luxury waterfront condo buyers coming from Brazil, Argentina and Eastern European countries. Particularly for Miami Beach condo buyers, the allure to its climate, newly revitalized cultural life, security, the beaches, and its international flavor have increased the appeal of waterfront luxury condos- most especially in the premier areas such as Miami Beach's South of Fifth Street Neighborhood.

South Beach Condos - south of fifth neighborhood

In particular, ultra-luxury waterfront buildings such as The Continuum on South Beach, Apogee Miami Beach, The Portofino Tower, and The Murano at Portofino have witnessed dramatic declines in active listing inventory, and increases in sales prices. For example, the latest sales at The Continuum on South Beach have been at well over $1,350/S.F., with some even surpassing the "boom" market real estate highs of $2,547/S.F. (see the latest Miami Beach luxury condo listing inventory and closed sales at bottom of this post).

Total Available / Active "For Sale" Condos - Most Popular Miami Beach Luxury Waterfront Buildings:

Apogee Miami Beach: 6($2,200/ S.F. Average ASKING Price)
The Continuum North Tower: 49($1,262/ S.F. Average ASKING Price)
The Continuum South Tower: 19 ($2,353/ S.F. Average ASKING Price)
The Portofino Tower: 18 ($932/ S.F. Average ASKING Price)
Murano at Portofino: 13 ($1,450/ S.F. Average ASKING Price)
Murano Grande:18($788/ S.F. Average ASKING Price)
Icon South Beach: 33 ($1,062/ S.F. Average ASKING Price)
The Bentley Bay (North & South Towers): 9 ($630/ S.F. Average ASKING Price)
Il Villaggio on Ocean Drive: 10($1,419/ S.F. Average ASKING Price)

Total Condos Available for Sale from Above Referenced Miami Beach Buildings: 175
Total Average Listing Inventory (per Miami Beach Condo): 19

Total 180 Days Closed Sales of Above Referenced Miami Beach Condos: 71
Months of Supply for Above Referenced Miami Beach Condo Buildings: 2.5 (just ten weeks supply!!!)

Miami Beach Condo Sales and Listing Inventory Conclusions:

Traditionally, a six month supply of listing inventory is considered to be a normal & healthy real estate market. Given that we now have UNDER a three month supply in the nine above referenced Miami Beach waterfront condo buidings, expect sales prices to continue a strong UPWARD trend.

Miami Beach Condos- 180 Days Closed Sales
Closing DateADDRESSMiami Beach Condo LA Sales Price SP$/SqFt
3/30/2012300 S POINTE DR # 3606PORTOFINO TOWERS1,960 $ 1,610,000 $ 821
3/28/20121455 OCEAN DR # 1107Il Villaggio1,810 $ 2,150,000 $ 1,188
3/27/2012400 ALTON RD # 3303MURANO GRANDE3,284 $ 2,950,000 $ 898
3/19/20121455 OCEAN DR # 1008Il Villaggio2,824 $ 3,750,000 $ 1,328
3/12/2012300 S POINTE DR # 505PORTOFINO TOWERS2,340 $ 875,000 $ 374
3/9/2012400 ALTON RD # 1702Murano Grande1,874 $ 1,100,000 $ 587
3/8/2012100 S POINTE DR # 1402Continuum South Tower1,201 $ 1,380,000 $ 1,149
3/5/2012100 S POINTE DR # 1009CONTINUUM SOUTH1,595 $ 1,800,000 $ 1,129
3/4/2012100 S POINTE DR # 3205Continuum South1,870 $ 2,562,500 $ 1,370
2/28/2012400 ALTON RD # 2004MURANO GRANDE1,425 $ 1,100,000 $ 772
2/24/2012520 WEST AV # 1403Bentley Bay776 $ 340,000 $ 438
2/24/201250 S POINTE DR # 702CONTINUUM II2,264 $ 2,700,000 $ 1,193
2/24/201250 S POINTE DR # 1504Continuum1,443 $ 1,381,000 $ 957
2/24/2012450 ALTON RD # 3108ICON South Beach851 $ 645,000 $ 758
2/23/2012450 ALTON RD # 2407Icon1,815 $ 1,400,000 $ 771
2/21/20121000 S POINTE DR # TH-A7MURANO AT PORTOFINO1,207 $ 551,000 $ 457
2/19/2012100 S POINTE DR # 2002CONTINUUM ON SOUTH BEACH1,201 $ 1,450,000 $ 1,207
2/17/201250 S POINTE DR # PH 1CONTINUUM ON SOUTH BEACH6,360 $ 16,200,000 $ 2,547
2/16/201250 S POINTE DR # 1707Continuum on South Beach1,443 $ 1,675,000 $ 1,161
2/15/2012540 WEST AV # 1513THE BENTLEY BAY777 $ 375,000 $ 483
2/13/2012100 S POINTE DR # 1510Continuum on South Beach2,122 $ 2,200,000 $ 1,037
2/9/2012100 S POINTE DR # 1007THE CONTINUUM1,870 $ 2,200,000 $ 1,176
2/7/2012450 ALTON RD # 2005ICON1,750 $ 1,250,000 $ 714
2/6/2012100 S POINTE DR # 2102Continuum South Tower1,201 $ 1,350,000 $ 1,124
2/4/2012100 S POINTE DR # 3207Continuum South Tower2,954 $ 4,500,000 $ 1,523
1/30/2012300 S POINTE DR # 4306Portofino Towers2,360 $ 2,000,000 $ 847
1/26/2012520 WEST AV # 1005the bentley bay1,210 $ 502,000 $ 415
1/26/20121000 S POINTE DR # 802MURANO AT PORTOFINO2,618 $ 2,287,500 $ 874
1/23/201250 S POINTE DR # 2303CONTINUUM II SOUTH BEACH1,922 $ 2,000,000 $ 1,041
1/19/20121000 S POINTE DR # 1103MURANO AT PORTOFINO2,008 $ 1,850,000 $ 921
1/17/2012450 ALTON RD # 610ICON SOUTH BEACH1,370 $ 600,000 $ 438
1/16/2012400 ALTON RD # 2506MURANO GRANDE2,024 $ 1,475,000 $ 729
1/13/2012450 ALTON RD # 3703ICON2,158 $ 1,610,000 $ 746
1/10/20121455 OCEAN DR # 703Il Villaggio Condominium1,550 $ 1,980,000 $ 1,277
1/8/2012300 S POINTE DR # 2304Portofino Tower2,040 $ 1,300,000 $ 637
12/30/2011520 WEST AV # 803THE BENTLEY BAY CONDO776 $ 325,000 $ 419
12/22/2011540 WEST AV # 1211Bentley Bay1,252 $ 565,000 $ 451
12/21/2011100 S POINTE DR # 2904Continuum on South Beach2,985 $ 3,300,000 $ 1,106
12/19/201150 S POINTE DR # 2004CONTINUUM ON SOUTH BEACH1,491 $ 1,730,000 $ 1,160
12/19/2011300 S POINTE DR # 904PORTOFINO TOWER1,160 $ 516,000 $ 445
12/16/20111455 OCEAN DR # 1405IL VILLAGGIO2,310 $ 3,999,995 $ 1,732
12/16/2011100 S POINTE DR # 2801CONTINUUM ON SOUTH BEACH1,591 $ 1,750,000 $ 1,100
12/15/2011540 WEST AV # 713The Bentley Bay Condo777 $ 310,500 $ 400
12/13/2011800 S POINTE DR # 2103APOGEE SOUTH BEACH3,103 $ 5,508,200 $ 1,775
12/12/2011100 S POINTE DR # 604Continuum South Tower2,292 $ 2,665,000 $ 1,163
12/6/20111455 OCEAN DR # 1605Il Villaggio2,310 $ 3,900,000 $ 1,688
12/5/2011300 S POINTE DR # 1203PORTOFINO TOWERS2,340 $ 1,737,000 $ 742
12/5/2011450 ALTON RD # 2910ICON1,370 $ 950,000 $ 693
12/1/2011300 S POINTE DR # 1704Portofino Tower2,040 $ 1,300,000 $ 637
11/30/2011400 ALTON Rd # 802MURANO GRANDE1,874 $ 735,000 $ 392
11/28/2011400 ALTON RD # 505MURANO GRANDE AT PORTOFIN1,400 $ 571,000 $ 408
11/23/2011100 S POINTE DR # 1106/7Continuum South Tower4,378 $ 5,200,000 $ 1,188
11/21/2011540 WEST AV # 1612BENTLEY BAY779 $ 302,500 $ 388
11/18/20111455 OCEAN DR # 907IL VILLAGGIO1,919 $ 2,200,000 $ 1,146
11/18/2011100 S POINTE DR # 3602Continuum on South Beach1,791 $ 2,300,000 $ 1,284
11/18/20111455 OCEAN DR # 1411IL VILLAGGIO1,370 $ 1,025,000 $ 748
11/14/201150 S POINTE DR # 2403CONTINUUM ON SOUTH BEACH1,992 $ 2,250,000 $ 1,130
11/14/201150 S POINTE DR # 2003Continuum On South Beach1,451 $ 1,550,000 $ 1,068
11/10/2011450 Alton # 3606Icon1,452 $ 762,000 $ 525
11/3/2011300 S POINTE DR # 405PORTOFINO TOWERS2,340 $ 980,000 $ 419
10/27/2011300 S POINTE DR # 805Portofino2,340 $ 1,225,000 $ 524
10/27/2011800 S POINTE DR # 1603Apogee2,756 $ 6,000,000 $ 2,177
10/25/2011100 S POINTE DR # 705CONTINUUM1,869 $ 1,750,000 $ 936
10/24/2011520 WEST AV # 1602BENTLEY BAY CONDO1,929 $ 645,000 $ 334
10/18/20111455 OCEAN DR # 1506IL VILLAGGIO1,780 $ 1,850,000 $ 1,039
10/14/20111000 S POINTE DR # 2104MURANO AT PORTOFINO2,190 $ 2,250,000 $ 1,027
10/13/201150 S POINTE DR # 505Continuum North Tower747 $ 490,000 $ 656
10/10/2011100 S POINTE DR # 3004CONTINUUM ON SOUTH BEACH2,508 $ 3,495,000 $ 1,394
10/6/2011300 S POINTE DR # 709PORTOFINO TOWER1,090 $ 570,000 $ 523
9/30/2011540 WEST AV # 813THE BENTLEY BAY777 $ 320,000 $ 412

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South of Fifth Condo News

The renamed Ocean House luxury condominiums in Miami Beach, will be sold and marketed as one of the most exclusive condos in Miami Beach's South of Fifth Neighborhood. The Oceanfront ultra-luxury & boutique condominium development formerly known as The South of Fifth (S5) is getting a multi-million dollar upgrade by iStar Residential, which recently acquired all of the unsold condominiums.

South of Fifth Condos Miami Beach

The oversized ultra-luxury condominium complex has only seventeen beachfront residences. The Ocean House condominiums will be a luxurious enclave on famous Ocean Drive, along the coveted beachfront South of Fifth Street, one of South Florida’s most upscale residential neighborhoods. This boutique property boasts some of the most impressive residences in all of Greater Miami, with several beach condominiums measuring over 6,000 sq.ft. What makes this condominium complex unique are that these are ALL very large three bedroom + Oceanfront condominiums. For more information on the South of Fifth Ocean House Condominiums and to see available floorplans, please click HERE or on the picture above.

Nearby luxury waterfront condo buildings include the large resort-like The Murano at Portofino, The Continuum South Beach, Apogee, The Murano Grande, Icon South Beach, and the Portofino Tower. The Ocean House condo residences are ideal for the ultra-luxury condo buyer, who values their privacy since the lobby and common areas are elegant and luxurious, yet understated. Given the very limited number of total residences and floors, each individual condo owner will be pampered with unique and personalized concierge services and a highly trained staff. This level of privacy and individualized attention is simply not an option in the nearby larger condo buildings in Miami Beach's South of Fifth Neighborhood.

The Ocean House ultra-luxury condominium complex consists of three connected Oceanfront Towers, with ten floors total. Originally completed in late 2008, The Ocean House condominiums are located next door to the Bentley Hilton luxury condo/hotel (also formerly known at Bentley Beach). This was THE last premier location left to develop on Ocean Drive, where an extra-wide area of oceanfront Beach intersects with the nearby South Pointe Park and the Nikki Beach Complex.

02 lines: 4,178-6,379 sqft.
4 bedrooms/6.5 bathrooms
Price range: from $4.5M- $7.9M

03 lines: 2,489-6,213 sqft.
2-3 bedrooms/5.5 bathrooms
Price range: from $3.9M- $8.6M

01 lines: 3,511-6,009 sqft.
3 bedrooms/5.5 to 6.5 bathrooms
Price range: from $4.2M- $7.9M

The popular and highly sought-after South of Fifth street area (SoFi) has the most affluent and exclusive condominium buildings built in South Beach, starting with The Portofino Tower in 1997. SoFi (as locals call the area), is a pocket of luxury waterfront condos (and a few older homes) that connects the intercoastal to the ocean within a narrow stretch of land, this makes the distance from Bayfront to Oceanfront very short. Miami Beach's South of Fifth also offers many famous restaurants including Prime Italian, Joe's Stone Crabs, Smith & Wollensky located inside of South Pointe Park, and the newly opened (and excellent) Vic and Angelo's located at 125 Ocean Drive.

Below are the past 60 Days Sales for Miami Beach Condos in theSouth of Fifth Neighborhood:

Miami Beach South of Fifth Condos- Past 60 Days Closed Sales
Sales DateMiami Beach CondoMiami Beach Condo Living Area Sales Price SP$/SqFt
11/18/2011120 JEFFERSON AV # 12017The Courts at South Beach1,430$645,000 $451
11/17/2011425 MERIDIAN AV # 11Meridian 51,178$565,000 $480
11/14/201150 S POINTE DR # 2003Continuum On South Beach1,451$1,550,000 $1,068
11/14/201150 S POINTE DR # 2403CONTINUUM ON SOUTH BEACH1,992$2,250,000 $1,130
11/10/2011450 Alton # 3606ICON South Beach1,452$762,000 $525
11/3/2011300 S POINTE DR # 405PORTOFINO TOWERS2,340$980,000 $419
11/1/201190 ALTON RD # 2503YARCH CLUB AT PORTOFINO1,080$500,000 $463
10/27/2011300 S POINTE DR # 805Portofino2,340$1,225,000 $524
10/27/2011800 S POINTE DR # 1603Apogee2,756$6,000,000 $2,177
10/25/2011100 S POINTE DR # 705CONTINUUM1,869$1,750,000 $936
10/14/20111000 S POINTE DR # 2104MURANO AT PORTOFINO2,190$2,250,000 $1,027
10/14/2011100 JEFFERSON AV # 10015THE COURTS AT SOUTH BEACH2,090$699,000 $334
10/14/2011140 JEFFERSON AV # 14011THE COURTS AT SOUTH BEACH1,220$529,000 $434
10/10/2011100 S POINTE DR # 3004CONTINUUM ON SOUTH BEACH2,508$3,495,000 $1,394
10/7/201190 ALTON RD # 1111The Yacht Club1,130$500,000 $442
10/6/2011400 S POINTE DR # 1110SOUTH POINTE TOWERS1,559$860,000 $552
10/6/2011300 S POINTE DR # 709PORTOFINO TOWER1,090$570,000 $523
9/30/2011730 3 ST # 201Armitage Place2,290$780,000 $341
9/29/201150 S POINTE DR # 1606Continuum North1,698$1,500,000 $883
9/29/2011400 ALTON RD # 2206Murano Grande2,024$1,418,000 $701
9/27/201150 S POINTE DR # 2205Continuum North Tower1,862$2,300,000 $1,235
9/26/201190 ALTON RD # 3010YACHT CLUB AT PORTOFINO1,090$710,000 $651

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Selling Miami Beach Real Estate to Foreign Buyers

In the fifteen years that I've been representing both Buyer's and Sellers in Miami Beach's luxury real estate market- especially for condos in the South of Fifth Street Neighborhood, International clientele have always been a large part of the Buyer demand for Miami Beach luxury condos. Here are a few key points to keep in mind when working with International Buyers looking to purchase Miami Beach condos:

Miami Beach Condo Buyers

  • According to data from the National Association of Realtors, the international real estate market for U.S. residential property approaches $82 Billion on an annual basis, up from $66 billion during the previous year.
  • The International Buyer's side of the Miami Beach market relies heavily on the individual Real Estate Agent & Brokerage firm's contacts and reputation.
  • The international market is very specialized on the Buyer side.
  • When negotiating, the real estate agent has to have a common language and cultural background in common to deal with prospective buyers. One of the main challenges for a Miami Beach-based real estate agent working with international customers is advising on the transfer of assets necessary to close a real estate transaction. One of the value-added services that we provide our International clientele is access to experienced legal and financial specialists. This is done in the LOCAL country of the Buyer's origin, where we can assist with the clearing and wiring of funds. These days, a high net worth foreign buyer has to be aware not only of local currency controls & tax implication with local authorities, but also potentially violating USA laws on limiting foreign currency transfers. These laws are meant to protect against International money laundering and assorted Terrorism Laws enacted since 9/11.

    A major problem currently facing the Miami Beach real estate market (again, especially for waterfront condos in South Beach) is having limited inventory. Approximately 53% of international buyers to Greater Miami are from South American countries, including Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina and Colombia. Since 2009, residents of Brazil, Canada, France and Italy also represent a large number of international buyers to the waterfront condo buildings South of Fifth- such as The Continuum, Murano at Portofino, and Apogee South Beach. These particular foreign buyers tend to buy residences at the highest end (ultra-luxury) segment Miami Beach's condos market. The number of buyers from Brazil is increasing significantly, these buyers pay about 85% in cash and only need financing for the remaining 15%. Due to the relatively high property taxes in Brazil, these Buyers are not intimidated by the prevailing tax codes in Miami-Dade County nor the maintenance dues associated with owning an ultra-luxury condo in Miami Beach.

    Miami Beach Real Estate Buyers

    In South Florida, particularly in the luxury real estate market of Miami Beach, foreign buyers are buying up property as second homes and investments. Homes are being sold at bargain prices in some areas, while commanding high prices in "prime locations". With the dwindling inventory of prime waterfront homes and condos, property values in these specific waterfront island communities contribute to the strength, and continuing price recovery, of Miami Beach's real estate market.

    The Past Ninety Days Closed Sales for Miami Beach Luxury Condos (South Beach Zip Codes Only):

    Miami Beach Closed Condo Sales - Past 90 Days
    Sale DateMiami Beach CondoSouth Beach Condo Living Area Sales Price SP$/SqFt
    10/27/2011300 S POINTE DR # 805Portofino2,340 $ 1,225,000 $ 524
    10/27/2011800 S POINTE DR # 1603Apogee2,756 $ 6,000,000 $ 2,177
    10/25/2011100 S POINTE DR # 705CONTINUUM1,869 $ 1,750,000 $ 936
    10/24/20111491 Lincoln Terrace # A103Capri South Beach1,889 $ 1,088,000 $ 576
    10/19/2011101 20 ST # 2805THE SETAI821 $ 1,010,000 $ 1,230
    10/18/20111455 OCEAN DR # 1506IL VILLAGGIO1,780 $ 1,850,000 $ 1,039
    10/14/20111000 S POINTE DR # 2104MURANO AT PORTOFINO2,190 $ 2,250,000 $ 1,027
    10/14/20111500 OCEAN DR # UPH-31500 OCEAN DRIVE1,740 $ 1,625,000 $ 934
    10/11/20112201 Collins Ave # 1414W South Beach Residences1,151 $ 1,850,000 $ 1,607
    10/10/2011100 S POINTE DR # 3004CONTINUUM ON SOUTH BEACH2,508 $ 3,495,000 $ 1,394
    10/7/201150 S POINTE DR # 1907CONTINUUM NORTH TOWER1,486 $ 1,700,000 $ 1,144
    10/7/20111445 16 ST # B101CAPRI SOUTH BEACH1,699 $ 1,088,000 $ 640
    9/30/2011101 20 ST # 2001Setai1,198 $ 1,105,000 $ 922
    9/29/2011400 ALTON RD # 2206Murano Grande2,024 $ 1,418,000 $ 701
    9/29/201150 S POINTE DR # 1606Continuum North1,698 $ 1,500,000 $ 883
    9/27/20112201 COLLINS AV # 514W South Beach Residence1,151 $ 1,590,000 $ 1,381
    9/27/201150 S POINTE DR # 2205Continuum North Tower1,862 $ 2,300,000 $ 1,235
    9/26/2011101 20 ST # 2007Setai1,279 $ 2,300,000 $ 1,798
    9/17/2011800 S POINTE DR # 2101APOGEE4,154 $ 7,500,000 $ 1,805
    9/14/201150 S POINTE DR # 2302CONTINUUM ON SOUTH BEACH3,017 $ 5,000,000 $ 1,657
    9/12/2011100 S POINTE DR # 701Continuum, South Tower1,591 $ 1,500,000 $ 943
    8/26/2011800 S Pointe # 1001Apogee4,154 $ 6,800,000 $ 1,637
    8/11/20112201 Collins Ave # UPH 3W South Beach2,428 $ 5,200,000 $ 2,142
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    Miami Beach Luxury Homes Sales Update

    In the past sixty days, there have been a total of twelve single family luxury homes sold in Miami Beach (closed sales over $1 Million). This represents an astounding 2000% sales volume increase in luxury homes sold from the same period in 2010! In just sixty days, over $58,000,000 (that's over Fifty Eight Million Dollars!) in Miami Beach single family homes sold in zip codes 33139, 33140, and 33140 versus just over $18,000,000 (Eighteen Million) for the exact same period last year.

    Miami Beach Real Estate

    The National S & P/ Case-Shiller Home Price national data was just released, which showed the first signs of a national turn in housing. Our thesis for the past two years has continued to become more widespread - the overall lack of new construction in over five years is slowly drawing down the unsold inventory that accumulated during the real estate market downturn. Buyer demand for Miami Beach's the luxury housing market has been driven mostly by high net worth Foreign Buyers (especially Latin American and Eastern Europeans) as well as Northeastern "snowbird" clientele. We're also seeing the strongest demand in years for luxury condos in South Beach's South of Fifth waterfront condo buildings- such asThe Murano at Portofino, The Continuum on South Beach, Apogee, Icon, etc. I'll elaborate more on these Foreign Buyers, who are driving demand for Miami Beach luxury real estate (especially in South Beach's highly coveted Condo market) in our next Blog post.

    Below are the actual sales comparisons between 2010 and 2011 of closed single family home sales ($1 Million and over) in Miami Beach for Zip Codes 33139, 33140, and 33141:

    Miami Beach Closed Home Sales 2010 (September & October)
    Closing DateMiami Beach Home Living Area Sales Price
    9/13/20105245 PINETREE DR7,595 $ 5,250,000
    10/20/2010441 E RIVO ALTO DR2,871 $ 1,800,000
    10/27/20101 PALM AV3,449 $ 3,250,000
    9/23/2010216 PALM AV2,994 $ 2,425,000
    10/23/20101440 W 21 ST $ 1,600,000
    10/20/20108 FARREY LN2,464 $ 700,000
    9/14/20101165 N SHORE DR3,000 $ 1,072,500
    10/27/20104445 N ADAMS AV4,446 $ 1,235,000
    10/15/2010725 W 50 ST2,446 $ 1,025,000
    Total Miami Beach Home Sales $18,357,500

    Miami Beach Closed Home Sales 2011 (September & October)
    Closing DateMiami Beach Home Living Area Sales Price SP$/SqFt
    10/10/20115328 N BAY RD6,300 $ 5,435,000 $ 863
    10/10/20115785 PINETREE DR10,000 $ 1,900,000 $ 190
    10/5/20114580 N BAY RD13,186 $ 15,000,000 $ 1,138
    9/30/20117841 COLLINS AV5,547 $ 2,510,000 $ 452
    9/29/20116400 PINETREE DR CR4,860 $ 2,100,000 $ 432
    9/27/201194 LA GORCE CR15,101 $ 11,600,000 $ 768
    9/26/20112068 N BAY RD5,236 $ 4,000,000 $ 764
    9/16/201168 LA GORCE CR6,190 $ 6,500,000 $ 1,050
    9/9/2011101 W DILIDO DR3,344 $ 1,480,000 $ 443
    9/9/20111730 W 23 ST5,962 $ 5,600,000 $ 939
    9/2/2011306 S HIBISCUS DR2,677 $ 1,900,005 $ 710
    Total Miami Beach Home Sales $ 58,025,005

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    Miami Beach and South Beach Real Estate Market OVERVIEWMiami Beach Real Estate

    Miami Beach condo sales activity has increased significantly in the second quarter of 2011, especially for waterfront luxury properties. The second quarter of this year was also defined by an increase in high-end Miami Beach home sales. The Miami Beach and South Beach condo and single family residential market experienced sales surges fueled by strong demand for waterfront and oceanfront properties. Ultra-luxury waterfront communities have witnessed near-record sales activity since the housing market price corrections of the past few years. For example, this year’s most ultra-luxury home sale was an incredible Star Island home that sold for an amazing $25,500,000.

    Home price indicators saw positive gains, especially for zip codes 33139, 33140, & 33141 in Miami Beach with a boundary up to 30th street. The median sales price declined 15.9% year over year to $925,000 for Miami Beach single family homes. Consequently, the number of closed home sales transactions in Miami Beach increased 6.6% to sixty five individual homes sold during this period. High end, luxury homes sales increased and defined the market, which is consistent with the overall national trend of wealthy individuals (especially foreign buyers) driving the luxury real estate market in premier real estate areas of the country. Although Miami Beach single family home prices declined as sales edged higher (median sales price declined 15.9% to $925,000 down from $1,100,000) which is about 14% of Southeast Florida regional sales.

    In highly desired waterfront areas with a high concentration of luxury condo buildings (such as the South of Fifth neighborhood of South Beach) slightly lower sales prices, and an influx of wealthy cash buyers, attributed to a large increase in the number of sold condominiums. Miami Beach's market trends indicate a stabilization in condo prices, with the average price per square foot declining by just 0.6% year over as the number of closed sales surged 25.3%.

    Miami Beach's overall Real Estate Market has seen much positive news this year, including an increase in luxury waterfront condo & home demand, record breaking sales, more affordable sales prices, condo building sell-outs, and a steady stream of international buyers making second and vacation homes purchases on Miami Beach.

    Summary of Miami Beach Real Estate Market activity
    Miami Beach Home sales statistics for zip codes 33139, 33140, 33141
    Single Family Homes for Sale ($1 Million and above): 294
    Miami Beach Homes Sold YTD ($1 Million and above): 86
    Average Miami Beach Home Sale Price: $3,401,000

    Market Analysis of Miami Beach Home Sales YTD

    Market Analysis of Miami Beach Home Sales YTD
    Property Type: Single Family (RE1)Status: Closed SaleNumber of Properties: 86
    #Beds#FBathsSF/FFList PriceLP$/SqFtSale PriceSP$/SqFt

    Miami Beach Condo sales statistics for zip codes 33139, 33140, 33141:
    Condos for Sale ($1 Million and above): 1,812
    Miami Beach Condo Sold YTD ($1 Million and above): 163
    Average Miami Beach Condo Sale Price: $2,260,810

    Miami Beach Condo Sales YTD
    Miami Beach Condo Sales YTD
    Property Type: Condo/Coop/Villa/Twnhse (RE2)Status: Closed SaleNumber of Properties: 163
    #Beds#FBathsSF/FFList PriceLP$/SqFtSale PriceSP$/SqFt

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    Are you a potential snowbird who may be interested in spending this coming winter season to Miami Beach? Then come on over to the International destination where homeowners and condo residents enjoy incredible warm tropical weather and amazing sunsets year-round at the beach! Although we are still in the wet season, and just missed the worst of the Hurricane season with a weather phenomenon that spread across the Eastern seaboards as far as New York to Canada; Miami Beach vacationers, residents and condo owners in the South of Fifth Neighborhood have plenty of late summer/early Fall fun in the sun left to enjoy. Miami Beach’s endless rays of sun, white sand beaches and emerald water surfs never disappoint residents who continue to participate in the numerous festivals, daytime excursions, active and exciting nightlife and the lavish beach life offered in the city of Miami Beach.

    It’s no wonder Miami Beach year-round is a top destination for families, friends, couples and the ever present tourists from countries near and far. The year-long tropical island atmosphere is a constant reminder to Miami Beach vacationers, second home buyers, residents and condo owners that the beach lifestyle is a hot commodity in the US, especially when the Northern cities are getting ready for their Fall and Winter months. With its oceanfront living and unlimited beach access, Miami Beach ranks as one of the top destinations for fall and winter getaways.

    The South of Fifth Neighborhood in Miami Beach is dominated by such towering luxury waterfront buildings as Apogee, The Continuum on South Beach, The Murano Condos in Miami Beach, The Murano Grande, and Icon South Beach. All of these condo owners and residents are within either walking distance or a short ten minute cab ride to all of the Miami Beach attractions and events happening in September and October, 2011:

    Late Summer Events in Greater Miami and Miami Beach:

    Miami Beach Condo and Homeowner Events

    Miami Spice 2011 - Continues through September 30. Take advantage of some amazing gourmet deals at some of the best restaurants in Greater Miami and Miami Beach. http://www.ilovemiamispice.com

    Miami International Wine Fair - My personal favorite! Starts on September 23rd, the leading wine trade show begins showcasing over 1,500 wines from 20 of the world’s most established wine countries such as Spain, France, Italy, the United States, and Australia all on display for tastings and enjoyment at The Miami Beach Convention Center.

    Butterfly Days at Fairchild - On September 24-25th explore the colorful and fantastic world of butterflies, featuring lectures and presentations throughout the weekend to learn about conservation, butterfly gardening, photography, butterfly tours and more.http://www.fairchildgarden.org/Events/?date=09-2011&eventID=502

    Festival Miami – September 30th marks the annual music festival that opens the South Florida arts season presents between 25 to 30 concerts, master classes, and lectures over a five-week period. http://www.miami.edu/frost/index.php/festival_miami/

    South Florida Dragon Boat & Moon Festival - This year’s festival on September 24, 2011 will be a land-only celebration featuring multicultural performances, Arts & Crafts, International Food Court and more.http://www.miamidragonboat.com/

    Miami Jazz Film Festival - Begins September 29 featuring documentary films that focus on jazz and world music. Will feature jazz tributes, jazz documentaries, features and live concerts.http://www.wdna.org/

    The South Beach Italian Film Festival – Starting October 6 will open with screenings, tributes, seminars and 10 new films in Italian with English subtitles at the Regal Cinema South Beachhttp://www.cinemaitaly.com/index2.php?idfestival=27

    Miami Beach's Lincoln Road Antique Market - Returns October 9 for the winter season scheduled every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month. Shop for antique items, gifts, jewelry, china, vintage clothing, furniture, and collectibles at this outdoor market. www.antiquecollectiblemarket.com/

    Carnival Miami 2011 - Greater Miami presents Miami Broward One Carnival Sunday, October 9th. A Caribbean festival featuring costumed parades, Caribbean and international acts, food and drinks, arts and craft and fun for the entire family. http://www.miamibrowardcarnival.com/index.html

    Art Basel Miami Beach - December 1-4, 2011 Get an early prep start now. One of the most prestigious art show in the United States returns to Miami. An exclusive selection of more than

    250 leading art galleries from North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa will exhibit. http://www.artbaselmiamibeach.com/

    Dining & Nightlife
    The Dining Room (413 Washington Ave) is a Miami Beach bistro for libations and a variety of delicious small plates. Now offering Candlelit Dinner for 2 on Travel Zoo.http://www.diningroommiami.com

    5 Napkins (455 Lincoln Road) a New York inspired burger joint on Miami Beach’s Lincoln Road serves burgers, shakes, sushi, salads, and comfort food like Mac and cheese and chicken soup. http://5napkinburger.com/

    Escopazzo (1311 Washington Ave) This is another personal favorite of mine & many long-time Miami Beach Residents and Homeowners! A family owned restaurants with a friendly and attentive staff. Organic Italian cuisine restaurant in a Tuscan courtyard setting introduces "Small Plates and Wine Night" in their courtyard wine room. Prices for each plate begin at $9 while microbrews and wines by the glass go for $7.00. http://www.escopazzo.com/

    Other Highlights
    South of Fifth Dental
    SoFi Dental Care & Orthodontics (115 Washington Avenue) a full-service dental office in Miami Beach offers new patient specials. Check them out here.http://:www.southbeachsmiles.com

    The Miami Design Preservation League (1001 Ocean Drive) is offering scheduled tours and seminars. Visit for more details: www.mdpl.org

    MiMo Tour of North Miami Beach - September 3rd, 9:30am $20. Tour start on the corner of 73rd and Collins. www.mdpl.org/tours/mimo-tour-of-north-beach

    Mediterranean Revival Lecture - September 8th, 7pm
    Shadows, Footprints, and Names: The Spanish Empire in North America

    Gay & Lesbian Walking Tour - September 24th, 7pm $20
    Tour starts at the Art Deco Welcome Center, especially tailored for the LGBT-oriented visitors to Miami Beach.www.mdpl.org/tours/gay-and-lesbian-walking-tour/

    Miami Beach & Greater Miami Performances
    Marc Anthony: September 16 @ 8pm American Airlines Arenawww.marcanthonyonline.com/
    David Sedaris: November 1 @ 7:30pm. The Fillmore Miami Beachwww.barclayagency.com/sedaris.html
    Jay Z & Kanye West November 25 @ 7:30pm, American Airlines Arenawww.watchthethrone.com/

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    Miami Beach Real Estate Sold for Record Price

    A two-acre waterfront land sale in Miami Beach’s most expensive neighborhood has sold for $15 million ($187/S.F.), a record for Miami Beach Real Estate! A European buyer closed on the purchae of this premier and rare Miami Beach waterfront land this week, located at 4 Indian Creek Drive. Most notably, this incredible Miami Beach waterfront property, which previously sold for $11.4 million in 2005, has 200 feet of water frontage and 80,000 feet of space. The seller was a New Jersey based entity called L & L Indian Creek Prop LLC.

    Containing nearly two acres (80,000 S.F.) adjacent to the world-class Indian Creek Country Club, with an 18 hole championship golf course at its front lawn and 200 feet wide bay front views with direct western exposure to view stunning downtown Miami skyline sunsets. Fully secured- with its own 24 hour police force and marine patrol, the nearby neighbors are among the most exclusive Miami Beach Homes and Estates. This incredible waterfront property is minutes to all Miami Beach amenities and the famous Bal Harbour Shops on Collins Avenue. One should expect the new owner to create a magnificent Miami Beach Home, which will rival any of the existing Estates and Homes in the nearby island communities of Star, Palm, and Allison Islands.

    Read more: Miami Beach Real Estate Latest Record Sale

    Miami Beach Real Estate

    The Latest Miami Beach Real Estate Sales Statistics:

    Miami Beach Home Sales YTD2011 (Approx. 90 Days Back)
    Sale DateMiami Beach AddressProperty List Price Living Area Sales Price SP$/SqFt
    8/23/20111800 BAY DRMiami Beach Home $ 2,990,0005,149 $ 2,600,000 $ 505
    8/23/20114500 PRAIRIE AVMiami Beach Home $ 1,890,0004,964 $ 1,600,000 $ 322
    8/18/20115360 LA GORCE DRMiami Beach Home $ 4,750,0008,339 $ 4,200,000 $ 504
    8/15/20111800 W 27 STMiami Beach Home $ 1,700,0002,528 $ 1,200,000 $ 475
    8/15/2011230 N HIBISCUS DRMiami Beach Home $ 899,0001,608 $ 820,000 $ 510
    8/9/20111495 DAYTONIA RDMiami Beach Home $ 795,0003,325 $ 587,500 $ 177
    8/9/2011837 ESPANOLA WYMiami Beach Home $ 895,000 $ 750,000
    8/9/2011400 E SAN MARINO DRMiami Beach Home $ 2,995,0005,500 $ 2,500,000 $ 455
    8/8/2011455 E DILIDO DRMiami Beach Home $ 2,250,0003,275 $ 1,850,000 $ 565
    8/5/20113166 N BAY RDMiami Beach Home $ 1,595,0002,873 $ 1,550,000 $ 540
    8/2/2011280 S COCONUT LNMiami Beach Home $ 1,750,0002,122 $ 1,730,000 $ 815
    8/2/20112956 FLAMINGO DRMiami Beach Home $ 1,850,0004,876 $ 1,687,500 $ 346
    7/31/20114585 NAUTILUS DRIVEMiami Beach Home $ 700,0001,827 $ 650,000 $ 356
    7/28/2011520 W 49 STMiami Beach Home $ 765,0002,068 $ 645,050 $ 312
    7/27/201194 PALM AVMiami Beach Home $ 16,000,00014,083 $ 14,200,000 $ 1,008
    7/27/20117972 BISCAYNE POINT CRMiami Beach Home $ 2,450,0004,197 $ 1,150,000 $ 274
    7/26/20116655 SHEFFIELD LNMiami Beach Home $ 2,399,0003,448 $ 2,231,000 $ 647
    7/22/20111745 W 24 STMiami Beach Home $ 2,700,0003,943 $ 2,400,000 $ 609
    7/22/20116156 PINETREE DRMiami Beach Home $ 999,0002,677 $ 905,000 $ 338
    7/22/20111865 DAYTONIA RDMiami Beach Home $ 695,0002,226 $ 695,000 $ 312
    7/21/2011930 STILLWATER DRMiami Beach Home $ 990,0002,207 $ 800,000 $ 362
    7/19/2011120 W RIVO ALTO DRMiami Beach Home $ 2,450,0002,917 $ 1,925,000 $ 660
    7/19/20111736 W 28 STMiami Beach Home $ 25,000,00011,388 $ 19,800,000 $ 1,739
    7/18/20115941 PINETREE DRMiami Beach Home $ 3,499,0004,654 $ 3,062,500 $ 658
    7/15/201125 LA GORCE CRMiami Beach Home $ 2,599,0004,431 $ 2,290,000 $ 517
    7/14/20115711 PINETREE DRMiami Beach Home $ 2,600,0003,304 $ 2,440,000 $ 738
    7/13/20114450 NAUTILUS DRMiami Beach Home $ 895,0002,303 $ 865,000 $ 376
    7/13/20115700 ALTON RDMiami Beach Home $ 749,0002,346 $ 670,000 $ 286
    7/12/20115101 LAKEVIEW DRMiami Beach Home $ 1,099,0002,749 $ 1,050,000 $ 382
    7/12/20113157 ROYAL PALM AVMiami Beach Home $ 875,0002,511 $ 800,000 $ 319
    7/9/2011709 E DILIDO DRMiami Beach Home $ 1,995,0002,669 $ 1,900,000 $ 712
    7/5/20117713 NOREMAC AVMiami Beach Home $ 499,9002,598 $ 505,000 $ 194
    7/1/2011227 E DILIDOMiami Beach Home $ 3,999,0007,350 $ 3,277,119 $ 446
    7/1/2011435 W 51 STMiami Beach Home $ 1,175,0003,000 $ 1,055,000 $ 352
    6/30/2011126 W SAN MARINO DRMiami Beach Home $ 3,999,0004,472 $ 3,400,000 $ 760
    6/23/20113026 N BAY RDMiami Beach Home $ 5,499,0006,531 $ 4,000,000 $ 612
    6/21/20115745 N BAY RDMiami Beach Home $ 859,0002,862 $ 750,000 $ 262
    6/16/20115237 LA GORCE DRMiami Beach Home $ 819,0002,519 $ 790,000 $ 314
    6/14/20114590 JEFFERSON AVMiami Beach Home $ 599,0003,315 $ 550,000 $ 166
    6/14/2011144 S HIBISCUS DRMiami Beach Home $ 3,395,0004,357 $ 3,137,500 $ 720
    6/14/20115711 N BAY RDMiami Beach Home $ 1,700,0002,224 $ 1,500,000 $ 674
    6/11/2011955 STILLWATER DRMiami Beach Home $ 799,0001,715 $ 770,000 $ 449
    6/9/20111601 W 24 STMiami Beach Home $ 4,250,0007,202 $ 4,250,000 $ 590
    6/9/20113003 SHERIDAN AVMiami Beach Home $ 509,9002,379 $ 520,000 $ 219
    6/8/20111410 W 25 STMiami Beach Home $ 5,499,0005,920 $ 5,000,000 $ 845
    6/3/20114540 MERIDIAN AVMiami Beach Home $ 1,025,0002,535 $ 940,000 $ 371
    6/2/20113738 PINETREE DRMiami Beach Home $ 1,175,0003,769 $ 900,000 $ 239
    6/2/20111070 S SHORE DRMiami Beach Home $ 1,695,0004,025 $ 1,665,000 $ 414
    5/31/201145 STAR ISLAND DRMiami Beach Home $ 9,875,00010,598 $ 7,107,500 $ 671
    5/25/20111100 STILLWATER DRMiami Beach Home $ 999,9991,756 $ 865,000 $ 493

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    Late Summer Guide

    Just when Northern cities are shutting down their summer programs for Fall season and gearing up for the upcoming Back to School season, Miami Beach Real Estate owners, visitors, and residents can enjoy the city's 365 days of tropical weather. The next few months will feature temperature cooling summer rain and Miami Beach special events such as: The International Ballet Festival, The SkullCandy ID Ultra Music Festival, The Brazilian Film Festival and much more. So if your ready to escape the impending freeze, visit Miami Beach and see what else the late summer months have to offer.

    With all the upcoming and new festivals, fairs, restaurants, concerts and beach excursions to explore, Miami Beach residents and condo owners, most especially in Miami Beach's South of Fifth waterfront condo community will never run out of summer or things to do in South Beach, all year round.

    Miami Beach Events

    The 15th Annual Brazilian Film Festival
    August 19-27
    competitive screening takes place at the Colony Theatre, with short and feature films competing for the Cristal Lens Award, the most prestigious award in Brazilian cinema outside the country. Colony Theatre 1040 Lincoln Road Miami Beach - Art Deco District/South Beach

    Skull Candy presents: ID Festival
    August 25th
    The first-ever, touring electronic ONLY music festival that will visit major outdoor amphitheaters throughout North America in August and September and give fans the full electronic music experience. The festival will attract electronic music lovers for a full day of relaxing, mingling, eating, drinking and of course dancing.
    Website: http://idfestival.com/city/miami/

    The 16th Annual International Ballet Festival
    August 26th-Sept. 18th
    Called the most spectacular and most important must see event in Miami Beach the International Ballet Festival will feature performances from hundreds of talented ballet dancers representing the best ballet companies and hailing from several countries across the globe.
    Website: http://www.internationalballetfestival.org/

    Miami Home Design & Remodeling Show
    September 2-6
    The premier home improvement event and informational showcase of residential decorating and remodeling with thousands of home improvement products and services on display at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

    Disney on Ice: 100 Years of Magic
    September 22- 25th
    Get enchanted in the festivities as Disney on Ice celebrates 100 Years of Magic. The Dare to Dream presentation will feature Disney Prince & Princesses from The Princess and the Frog, Tangled, Cinderella all on stage for a spectacular show for the entire family.
    Website: http://disney.go.com/disneyonice

    DocMiami International Film Festival
    September 23-25th
    DocMiami International Film Festival is a non-profit organization dedicated to highlighting the creative art form of documentary film making at a global level. The three-day festival will present documentary films from talented filmmakers across the country during the day and musical concerts at night.

    Miami Spice (Including Greater Miami and Miami Beach Restaurants)
    Miami Spice 2011 runs until September 30. Take advantage of some amazing deals at some of the best restaurants in town. ($35 for three courses) Check out the program here: http://www.ilovemiamispice.com


    Cirque Éloize iD continues at the Adrienne Arsht Center. For more information including dates, ticket prices, click here: http://arshtcenter.org/tickets/calendar/view.aspx?id=9525

    Miami Spa Month 2011 runs until August 30th. Check out the great deals on some of Miami Beach's best spas. www.miamispamonth.com

    Vespa Tour of Wynwood is a two-hour colorful outdoor Art Tour for $65 read more about it at: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/07/22/2324207/up-against-the-wall.html

    Lee Klein of the Miami New Times reviews Haven (1237 Lincoln Road) "Haven should be Heaven" A great place for those seeking scintillating snacks and drinks in a stimulating environment. Read it here: http://www.miaminewtimes.com/2011-07-21/restaurants/haven-a-gastro-lounge-for-hipsters/2/

    The owners of Pubbelly (Miami NEw Times Best of Miami) will be opening up two new restaurants (Pubbelly Sushi and Barcoloneta & Mercat). Read the details here: http://blogs.miaminewtimes.com/shortorder/2011/07/pubbelly.php

    Vic & Angelo's will open’s at the old DeVito space on Ocean Drive. I can personally attest to the amazing food and ambiance at other existing Vic & Angelos Restaurants in SE Florida, and this is a DO NOT MISS!

    Back to the Future on August 17 will show at the New World Symphony Soundscape (17th Street between Washington Ave & Drexel Ave).

    Morgans on the Beach new South Beach location, replacing old Joe Allen space on Purdy Avenue gets a first impression review: http://blogs.miaminewtimes.com/shortorder/2011/08/morgans_on_the_beach_seems_lik.php#more

    Refurbished Art Deco gem, The Tudor House at 1111 Collins Avenue gets reviewed for impressive menu: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/08/04/2343303/tudor-house-stellar-food-in-a.html

    The Adrienne Arsht Center has published Program I for the Miami City Ballet: Visit http://www.arshtcenter.org/tickets/calendar/view.aspx?id=9992

    Sleepless Night returns to Miami Beach on November 5. Check out the full program and details here: http://sleeplessnight.org/?cat=5

    Art Basel returns to Miami December 1-4, 2011. Check out the website and catalogue here: http://www.artbaselmiamibeach.com/


    1. Brian McKnight August 19th @9:00 PM The Fillmore @Jackie Gleason Theater http://www.bmcknight.com/
    3. Maroon 5 August 30 @ 7pm Cruzan Amphitheaterhttp://www.maroon5.com/
    4. K.D. Lang Sat 10/8 8:00p Cruzan Amphitheaterhttp://www.kdlang.com/
    5. Rascal Flatts Sat 8/20 7:00p Cruzan Amphitheaterhttp://www.rascalflatts.com/
    6. Marc Anthony September 16 @ 8pm American Airlines Arena http://www.marcanthonyonline.com/
    7. David Sedaris Nov. 1 @ 7:30pm. The Fillmore http://www.livenation.com/David-Sedaris

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    Miami Beach Summer Lifestyle
    A guide to Miami Beach Day & Greater Miami Night life:

    There’s a heat wave sweeping the country this summer, however, Miami Beach Real Estate owners & visitors and residents have many advantages to beat the heat and still enjoy all that summer has to offer! Miami Beach Residents have a lifestyle that offers a taste of the Caribbean right in their backyards. The tropical weather, combined with exotic and cultural mix of people, enticing cuisine, amazing beaches, cool ocean breezes and nightlife offer residents and vacationers from all over the world a variety of day and night-time activities to explore without being forced to escape from or succumb to scorching temperatures.

    Specifically, many of the Miami Beach condo owners in Miami Beach's South of Fifth Neighborhood can still get out and enjoy amazing events and places like the many water-themed escapades. Miami Spice, a restaurant promotion of fine Miami cuisine from celebrated chefs; High Bar a new roof-top lounge the Tudor House in South Beach, a Marc Anthony concert, Miami Spa Month, Miami Salsa Congress and a list of other great outings. Click here to see what’s up this month and indulge in the Miami lifestyle.

    Miami Beach Lifestyle Events

    Cirque Eloiza iD in collaboration with Cirque de Soleil begins July 26th to August 7th on the stage of the Ziff Ballet Opera House at Adrienne Arsht Center (1300 Biscayne Boulevard) More Information: http://www.arshtcenter.org/cirqueid/

    Miami Beach Summer Events

    Miami Spa Month began July 1st but will run through August 31st . Miami Beach residents and condo owners can check out the great deals on local spa packages and treatments: http://www.miamispamonth.com/

    Miami Beach Spas

    Miami Spice 2011 starts August 1st to September 30 and offers affordable dining options and special three-course, prix-fixe meals at participating restaurants. Almost all of the Miami Beach condominium and homeowners I know take advantage of the fantastic gourmet menus offered at the best local restaurants!http://www.ilovemiamispice.com

    Miami Beach Spice

    Miami Salsa Congress is a five day music and dance festival begins August 3rd-7th at Fontainebleau Condos & Hotel in Miami Beachhttp://www.miamisalsacongress.com

    Miami Beach Salsa

    The Five Best Restaurants in Miami Beach by the Miami New Times:

    The Miami New Times dishes on its selection of the top Miami Beach restaurants. Pubelly (1418 20th St http://pubbelly.com/) was chosen as the number one pick for the Best of Miami 2011 edition but the Times also chose 5 top restaurants in Miami Beach that tantalizes the palate. Click here for the post:


    1.The Royal at The Raleigh Hotel 1775 Collins Ave http://raleighhotel.com
    2.AltaMare 1233 Lincoln Rdhttp://altamarerestaurant.com
    3.The Cafe at Books & Books 927 Lincoln Rd http://booksandbooks.com
    4.Sardinia Ristorante 1801 Purdy Ave http://sardinia-ristorante.com
    5.Macaluso's Italian Cuisine -1747 Alton Rd http://macalusosmiami.com/


    Looking for those special deals in Miami and Miami Beach? Check out http://livingsocial.com/cities/43-miami or www.giltcity.com/Miami


    1.Cirque Eloiza iD Jul 28 Adrienne Arsht Center http://www.cirque-eloize.com/en/home
    2.Tech N9ne July 29 The Culture Room http://www.therealtechn9ne.com/
    3.Selena Gomez July 28 @ 7pm Count de Hoernle Amphitheaterhttp://www.selenagomez.com/
    4.Ke$ha August 7 @ 7:30pm Bayfront Park Amphitheater http://www.keshasparty.com/
    5.Maroon 5 August 30 @ 7pm Cruzan Amphitheater http://www.maroon5.com/
    6.Marc Anthony September 16 @ 8pm American Airlines Arena http://www.marcanthonyonline.com/

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    A Summer's Guide for Miami Beach Living

    When you live in a city like Miami Beach, you're always right in the midst of an exciting escapade. Miami Beach residents and homeowners always have plenty of summer attractions to explore like snorkeling, parasailing, or simply tanning on the beach; discovering and enjoying Miami Beach outdoor events like parks, shopping, sightseeing, bike-riding, roller-skating and much more. With so many things to choose from, it's easy for Miami Beach residents to find somewhere to go and something to do for the entire family all summer long. Below is a list of places, events and attractions for Miami Beach visitors and homeowners to enjoy:

    Miami Beach Condos

    Miami Beach Summer Attractions

    Miami Beach Cinematheque (1130 Washington Avenue) A wide variety of Film screening and festivals, not available in theaters, that you'll only find on Miami Beach. www.mbcinema.com
    Miami Beach Cinema

    Want healthy, natural and nutritious eating on Miami Beach? Sunlight Miami Cafe Restaurant (1211 Lincoln Road) specializes in ONLY natural and organic foods.http://sunlight-miami.com
    Miami Beach Sunlight Cafe

    Miami Beach Water Adventures For water lover's, this incredible sun & surf adventure in Miami Beach is a must. Enjoy a Jet-Ski or Boat Trip, Paddle-boarding, Knee-boarding, Wake-boarding, or Water Skiing. Call Now 786-290-7579www.miamibeachwateradventures.com

    Miami Beach Water Adventures

    Kid-Robot Miami Beach (638 Collins Avenue) is a one of a kind retailer of exclusive and limited edition art toys and apparel. Get cool gifts, and artistic items for children…and adults who are young at heart.http://www.kidrobot.com/

    Kid Robot miami beach

    Ready to get back to nature and relax in a lush tropical oasis on the beach? Miami Beach Botanical Garden (2000 Convention Center Drive) is 4-1/2 acres to enjoy walking tours, view tropical plants, take gardening classes, see cultural acts and the observe the Japanese Garden. Be sure to sign the "autograph tree." filled with signatures of visiting stars.

    Miami BeachGardens

    Want to end day and start the night at one of the most ultra luxurious spots on Miami Beach? The place where celebrities, models and musicians party? Look no further than the signature Glow Bar at the Fontainebleau (4441 Collins Avenue). Dress to Impress because Miami Beach best nightclubs LIV and Arkadia are also at this hotspotwww.fontainebleau.com

    Fontainebleau Miami Beach Condos

    Other Miami & Miami Beach Summer Highlights


    1. Sade with John Legend: Jul 16, American Airlines Arena @8pm http://www.sade.com/us/home/

    2. Justin Beiber: July 7, Miami @ 4:30pmwww.justinbiebermusic.com/

    3. Rihanna with Ceelo: July 14, Bank Atlantic Center @8pm www.rihannanow.com/

    4. Stephen Marley: July 24, the Culture Room @7:30pmwww.stephenmarleymusic.com/

    5. Cirque Du Soleil Alegria: Jul 19, Bank Atlantic Center www.cirquedusoleil.com/en/shows/alegria/default.aspx

    6. Britney Spears: Jul 22, American Airlines Arena @6pm http://www.britneyspears.com/

    7. Motley Crue: Jul 5, Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casinowww.motley.com/

    8. Tech N9ne: July 29, The Culture Roomwww.therealtechn9ne.com/

    9. Selena Gomez: July 28, Count de Hoernle Amphitheater @7pmwww.selenagomez.com/

    10. Natasha Bedingfield: July 16, The Culture Room @8pmwww.natashabedingfield.com/

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