About Allison Island Homes Miami Beach

Allison Island is located inside the Indian Creek waterway just North of the La Gorce area residential neighborhood of Miami Beach. The 8.5 acre island is in the area of the city referred to as Mid-Miami Beach, and is a man-made island originally built by Carl Fisher in 1912 as a tribute to his friend Jim Allison. This upscale residential community, surrounded by the Biscayne Bay waters of Miami Beach, has a unique oblong shape with large plots (up to 40K+ square feet) of land boasting lush landscaping, boat docks, circular driveways, over-sized swimming pools and extensive front and backyards. The traditional ultra-luxury homes section of Allison Island is on the northern tip of the Island, just past the guard house that leads into the exclusive island homes located off the northern side of Alton Road. These exclusive Miami Beach homes are surrounded by Biscayne Bay, and all have incredible views of either Biscayne Bay or the Intracoastal Waterway, that faces the City of Miami Beach.

On Allison Island, privacy and high-level security is of utmost importance to the approximately 150 families who call this exclusive luxury Homes and Estates community their tropical paradise. Though gated and secure, the exclusive island enclave is still in close proximity to much of Miami Beach’s unique urban lifestyle. The island is a short distance to popular Mid- Miami Beach destinations such as the all-new Canyon Ranch Resort at 68th and Collins, several Temples with great upscale restaurants, trendy retail and shops and various entertainment options.

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Address Price Bed/Baths Interior Space $sf/$m² WF/Pool MLS Number
6494 Allison Rd
$34,999,000 6 / 8 / 1
7,719sf / 717m² $4,534 / $48,807m² Y / Y
6565 Allison Rd
$21,900,000 6 / 4
5,570sf / 517m² $3,932 / $42,323m² Y / Y
6320 Allison Rd
$12,800,000 7 / 6
5,811sf / 540m² $2,203 / $23,711m² Y / Y

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