About Miami Shores

Miami Shores is a historic neighborhood with some of Miami's most architectually unique, large, and historic homes. The surrounding area along the Biscayne Corridor has experienced a rapid transformation over the past few years, with the recent completion of the nearby Arsht Performing Arts Center, the Midtown Shopping Center, & large-scale waterfront condo developments in downtown Miami (most especially the proposed Genting Development, to be located at the site of the former Miami Herald HQ). Homeowners can experience city living for a tremendous value in this avant-guard community. Historic, large and unique homes can be purchased starting at under $500K (for an unremodeled, non-watefront home), and the diversity of choices and prices have recently experienced a significant increase due to the large number of Miami Shores home restorations taking place.

Miami Shores is just minutes from downtown Miami & Miami Beach, with close proximity to the new Midtown Shopping Center and numerous boutiques, book stores, cafes and top restaurants along Biscayne Boulevard. The immediate area is undergoing extensive neighborhood and streetscape improvement programs funded by the City of Miami & the Downtown Development Authority.

The current market conditions make this an excellent opportunity for buyers looking to buy a home in Miami Shores. Please call us for insider information on the best opportunties- as nearby residents, we can guide potential Buyers to the most motivated Sellers and off-market purchasing opportunities. Our professional team of Realtors, specializing in Miami Shores waterfront and non-waterfront homes, have over 30 years of combined sales experience. Our goal is to educate Buyers, and bring qualified Buyers to Sellers of Homes and Estates in Miami Shores.

To see available Miami Shores Homes for sale, click on the "Homes for Sale" below. Please call our office for off-market opportunities, otherwise known as our exclusive "Pocket Listings".

Miami Shores Homes for Sale

Address Price Bed/Baths Interior Space $sf/$m² WF/Pool MLS Number
551 NE 93rd St
$2,695,000 4 / 5 / 1
2,099sf / 195m² $1,284 / $13,821m² N / Y
361 NE 97th St
$2,499,000 5 / 4 / 1
3,072sf / 285m² $813 / $8,756m² N / Y
9101 NE 2nd Ave
$2,400,000 4 / 3
2,324sf / 216m² $1,033 / $11,116m² N / Y
251 NE 95th St
$1,849,000 4 / 3 / 1
2,508sf / 233m² $737 / $7,936m² N / Y
121 NE 96th St
$1,300,000 3 / 3
2,186sf / 203m² $595 / $6,401m² N / N
77 NE 95th St
$1,180,000 2 / 2
1,659sf / 154m² $711 / $7,656m² N / N
755 NE 97th St
$990,000 3 / 2
2,096sf / 195m² $472 / $5,084m² N / N
790 NE 96th St
$800,000 3 / 2
1,419sf / 132m² $564 / $6,069m² N / N
28 NW 111th St
$650,000 4 / 3
1,722sf / 160m² $377 / $4,063m² N / N

Vacant Land

Address Price Sqft $sf/$m² WF MLS Number
Other NE 95th St $760,000 10,725 N/A / $763m² N A11046075

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